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How to record and manage expenses for specific visits
How to record and manage expenses for specific visits

You can now keep track of unexpected expenses by adding them to specific visits.

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Please note: The following feature is available as part of Birdie’s Starter, Core, Advanced and Plus packages (Also known as Care Management, Rostering & Finance, Premium and Essentials) Please get in touch if interested in more information on this feature!

You can attach an expense such as shopping or an additional mileage charge to a specific visit which allows you to easily see where you are adding extra charges. This ensures your Care Professionals are not out of pocket for that visit and that you are charging the funder for the correct expense where necessary.

This feature is for the agency hub, expenses cannot be submitted via the Birdie app. If a Care Professional need to submit evidence of an expense for the visit they can do this by adding a note to the visit.

How to record an expense

Go to the Finance tab and click the Confirm visits tab.

You can use the Period, Care recipient and Caregiver drop-down menu to find the specific visit or you can search for it on the Confirm Visits page.

Once you have found the visit click on the Edit icon button. On the drop-down menu select Record expenses.

Please note: If there is no Care Professional assigned to a visit, these three options will not show.

A pop-up window will appear where you can enter the details. The options include:

  • Mileage

  • Groceries

  • Health (i.e. prescriptions)

  • Public transport

  • Other (You will be able to add an alternative title for the ‘other expenses’ category. This will be shown on invoices as the category for the invoice)

You can select whether to pay the Care Professional for this or to charge the funder for this expense. You do not need to put an amount for both. Click Submit when you are done.

You can add multiple expenses to one visit allowing you to keep track of exactly what the Care Professional paid for, for instance.

Managing an expense

If you have added an expense to an incorrect visit you can remove this by going to the visit on the confirm visits tab. Click the Edit icon and select Manage expenses.

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