Please note: the following feature is currently available as a separate Birdie offering. Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information!

Some care recipients may need specific care or skills delivered during their visit. You can now add a range of skills to your caregiver's profile and match them with the client ensuring that you are utilising your carer's skills and training and delivering the best care to your clients.

Please read here for the list of skills currently available with this feature.

How to add skills to your caregiver

Go to the Team tab and select the Caregiver. On the left-hand side bar click Skills.

Here you can add a new skill, whether it requires training only or training and competency and the expiry date as well as any supporting documents.

  • Requires training only - These skills are theoretical based skills e.g the carer has completed a course or exam.

  • Requires training and competency- These skills are theoretical and practical based skills which means that the carer will have a qualification and will also have to complete observed hours of that skill.

When you click back into Skills you will now see all the skills you have added to your caregiver and the expiry dates. You are able to edit these to change the details of the skill or add any additional details.

How to add a needed skill to your client's visit

Select a client and click on a visit schedule, in the pop-up box select Edit.

Here you can add the skills required on the visit, you can select multiple skills. When you are done you can choose whether to apply these for the whole visit schedule. Click Save when you are done.

When you click on the visit again you will now see under Details the required skills needed for that visit.

How to match a caregiver's skills with a client's needs

Once you have added your carer's skills and your client's needs you can match them on a visit. You will be able to see if the carer is matching, partially or non-matching under Care team, and in the Find alternative modal.

When you hover over the Non or partially-Matching icon it will tell you which skill is missing.

If you need to find another carer click Find Alternative under the Care Team tab. Here you will see a list of carers who are in the same group and have the matching skills for the visit. Once you have found the carer, click on their name and select Allocate carer.

Can I assign a non-matching carer?

You are not prevented from allocating a carer if the skills do not match but you will have a warning modal pop-up. If you decide to match a carer without the necessary skills you will see non-matching/partially matching tags in the Care Team tab.

The carer will show as non matching when:

  • Care professional is missing one or multiple required skills (they have never been recorded)

The carer will show as partially matching when:

  • Care professional has all required skills recorded, however:

    • One or multiple required skills are expired when the visit is meant to take place

    • One or multiple required skills are missing the competency sign-off

    • One or multiple required skills are signed-off as competent but for a different client

How to add a client-specific competency

You can add a client-specific competency if the carer is signed off on a skill but only with a specific client, this is a useful feature when setting up complex care. The carer may be trained on the skill beforehand but will need to be signed off on competency per client.

To select this option, when adding a new skill click 'Requires training and competency'. Here you can add the expiry date, the clients they are trained for and any supporting notes. Once you have added that you will see that they have this skill and the name of the client it is for on their Skills tab.

If a carer has training for a skill but only competency for a certain client they will show as partially matching for other clients with that need. You will still be able to assign them to that visit.

If they then gain competency for the new client you can edit the carer's skill and add additional clients into that competency, this will then update their matching status.

Interested in learning how you can access this feature? Please get in contact with your Account Manager to learn more.

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