How to re-authenticate your Birdie app account

Get back to using the app in just a few easy steps.

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Please note: The following feature is available for all of Birdie’s packages.

To keep data safe and secure at all times, you will now be asked to log into your account again if you have not used the Birdie Carer App for over 15 days. You will also be asked to do this once you next come online if you tend to use the app offline.

You can do this easily using a one-time SMS code.

Re-authenticate your account

  1. Open the Birdie app on your mobile device.

  2. The login screen will show your phone number and name but you will also see an option to log in with a different phone number in case the mobile device is shared.

  3. Click ‘Send me a code’.

  4. An SMS code will be sent to your mobile device.

  5. Type in the new code and you’re ready to go!

Re-authenticating your account on a shared device

You will have the option to log in with a different phone number in case the mobile device is shared.

If you have been using a shared account offline please remember to go online to ensure recent visit data is uploaded before you log out and log in using another account.

I haven’t used my app online for over 15 days but I haven’t been asked to re-authenticate my account.

You may find that you can access the app, but you are not able to get online to upload or download information about your care recipients.

If you have been inactive for over 15 days or have only used the app offline and are unable to use it as normal, please download the latest version of the app to re-authenticate your account and get back online.

Please update your app regularly so you can continue to benefit from updates like this.

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