How to record outcomes for tasks in the Birdie app

Record a clear outcome of 'Done' or 'Not done' to each task assigned to a visit.

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Please note: The following is available as part of Birdie’s Advanced Care Management, Advanced, Plus, Essentials and Premium packages. Please get in touch if interested in more information on this feature!

This feature requires Care Professionals to add an outcome of ‘Done’ or ‘Not done’ for all assigned tasks before checking out of a visit.

When you have checked into a visit, click on Care plan and the correct time of day to view your tasks for the visit.

Once you have completed a task, simply click ‘Done’ and add optional detail in the text box provided. If you have not been able to complete a task, choose from one of the pre-set explanations provided and add more context within the free-text box.

If the reason you were unable to complete a task is not provided, click 'Other'. While you don’t have to add text, you do have to mark every task as either ‘Done’ or ‘Not Done’ in order to check out. These details of each task will be viewable within Birdie’s Agency Hub by selecting the visit within the Log and clicking on 'Activities'.

This feature is only applicable to tasks that have been assigned to a particular visit. Care Professionals will not have to record an outcome for ‘anytime’ tasks not assigned to a specific visit.

Your agency can continue to use the ‘Essential task’ function when creating visit plans to trigger alert when a task has not been completed. For more information on essential tasks click here.

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