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How to record detailed food observations on the Birdie app
How to record detailed food observations on the Birdie app

Learn how to record detailed food observations for a Care Recipient to better understand their nutritional intake

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Birdie has now made it possible to record even more detail when recording food observations. This will enable everyone involved in the Care recipient's care to get a better understanding of their nutritional intake and spot any patterns or trends which could indicate deterioration.

These updates have been integrated into the existing food observation flow.

Care Professionals can now:

  • Differentiate between observed and not observed food intake

  • Record the portion of food consumed

  • View clearer guidance around what to record in additional details

It is now possible for a Care Professional to say whether or not they observed the meal or snack being consumed as well as the amount, as they already do with fluid observations and toilet visits. For the next Care Professional visiting, they will be able to check that the food not observed has since been eaten.

They will be able to choose whether they saw the Care Recipient eat something or if they left the food out for them to eat later. This selection (observed or not observed) will now appear on the observations tab of the app and also in the Agency hub under observations.

When a Care Professional has confirmed that they observed or have not observed a food intake they can now select whether the food was:

  • Fully eaten (100%)

  • More than half eaten (75%)

  • Half eaten (50%)

  • Less than half eaten (25%)

  • Not eaten (0%)

The Care Professional must make a selection on this page as it is mandatory. Once they have made a selection they can add additional notes.

In the additional notes section, there is a free-text screen with added guidance text as prompting the Care Professional to Include information such as: What food was served? What food wasn't eaten, and why?

This prompts the Care Professional to record information that will be valuable for you and your agency to know.

Once they are done they will need to click Add food to report.

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