The Currency Converter feature gives you the ability to generate multiple bids in different currencies using current exchange rates.

Each job has a base currency that is pulled from your settings. This currency is what all the additional currencies added to the job will be pegged against. Once you add an additional currency, the job’s base currency will become locked.

Adding currencies to a job is similar to adding revisions to a job, just think of it like this: Add it to the list, then switch.

Go to the currency button in grey next to the little blue cross that allows you to add line items. Click the New Currency button, choose a currency, and then click Add. The field that pops up with the current exchange rate is modifiable so you can tweak the exchange rate at any time.

Once the currency is added you click on the currency button to reveal the list and then choose the currency to switch the job to. Keep in mind our mantra: Add it to the list, then switch. Once you select a different currency click the Activate button. Like the revision button, the extra activate step is designed to add deliberation and allow the software necessary power to do all the recalculations needed. The Edit button gives you the option edit the exchange rate or delete the currency. Click on it and you’ll see a tiny pencil and trash can next to each currency in your list.

You can switch currencies at any time, so you can bid in one currency, produce in another, and then convert back for the final invoice. Currency changes apply to all the line items and all stages of the job. You cannot have two different active currencies in one job, which means the line items are not currency specific. Once a line item is added under a specific currency, that currency is “locked” to the job.

The currency setting is independent of the revision. Which is to say that revisions should be used for different versions of the job in terms of usage, description, and line items. The currency that is displayed in the upper right button is the currency regardless of which revision is active.

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