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Line Item Groups (LIGs)
Line Item Groups (LIGs)

Create a common group of line items you use frequently for a specific client or job.

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In your My Jobs list, you can create groups of line items. Line Item Groups (LIGs) can be named, saved and inputted into any job without having to change your Item Catalog in Settings. This can be helpful if you have a common group of line items for a specific client or type of job, because you can save it as a group, and import it when needed.

Creating an LIG

You can create an LIG from inside a job, or from the LIG management window (in My Jobs).

When creating an LIG from My Jobs, you can copy one of the BlinkBid Templates we have supplied into your “My Saved” LIGs. Once saved, you can edit and customize the BlinkBid Template to your needs. If you would like to create your own, simply click on the small blue cross next to “My Saved LIGs.” To to input the name, quantity, rate, markup percentages for an individual line item simply click on it and a window will appear to allow you to fill in those fields.

When creating an LIG in the job window, you simply tick off which line items from the job’s item catalog you would like to include in the LIG. This includes the line items rate, number of days, etc. but does not carry over the private memos. You are choosing these line items from the item catalog used for the job, not the Item Catalog saved in your Settings.

Importing an LIG

While in the Estimate window of any job, under the hamburger menu you can choose to “Import LIG” from your saved list under My Jobs or “Create LIG” on the fly. If you are importing an existing LIG the line item will automatically file into its rightful category. If the category does not yet exist in the job, it will be created.

For more information on how to use LIGs watch our video.

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