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How to Share a Job
How to Share a Job

Work seamlessly on a job with your fellow BlinkBid users with the real-time job sharing feature.

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Because BlinkBid is online, users can share whole jobs or specific parts of a job and work collaboratively at anytime, anywhere in the world. For example, if you’re hiring a freelance producer who is also on the BlinkBid network, share all or part of a job with them. If you’re an agent, share jobs with your photographers.

You have the option to choose what jobs or what parts of the job you want to share, so share the production module of a job without  giving up access to your entire account.

Check out our video tutorial link by clicking here for additional information on sharing jobs.

When you are sharing the job with another person, one person is the owner of the job. Only the owner of the job can add a logo or transfer to production, but you can transfer ownership of a job or be granted ownership of a job that you do not currently own easily. Here is the link with more information about transferring job ownership.

PLEASE NOTE: Sharing jobs is possible between Blinkbid Online users. Sharing jobs between the desktop and online versions is not possible because we could not merge the disparate technologies. Therefore, if you received a share code from someone via email, this job is a desktop job and cannot be successfully shared and opened in BlinkBid Online.

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