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Overtime Calculator
Overtime Calculator

To manage overtime of a crew member, or any type of line item.

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To manage the overtime of a crew member, or any other type of line item, click on the ADVANCE button of your line item while it’s open for editing. There you’ll see the BASE HOURS, 1.5X and 2X fields.

In the BASE HOURS field enter the number of hours that defines a day for your job. In our example we’re using a 10 hour day. Then in the 1.5X field enter the number of overtime hours that qualify for one-and-half time pay, and in the 2X, the number of overtime hours that qualify for double time pay. BlinkBid will take the BASE HOURS and calculate an hourly rate based on the RATE entered in the line item. It will then multiply that rate by the number of 1.5X hours and 2X hours entered and add it to the line item.

Note: the overtime calculator only works if the line item TIME is based in days; it will not work if you choose to track the line item rate in hours.

This calculator emulates the AICP standard form for overtime. If you’re not familiar with using the AIPC commercial production bidding form it’s important for you to know that the overtime calculation IS NOT applied to the number of days entered for the line item. Overtime is rarely applied uniformly. It’s up to you to enter the total number of the two types of overtime hours for the line item.

For example, if you have First AD for four days, she may only see overtime for the first and second day of the shoot because those days have been scheduled for twelve and fourteen hour shoot days, respectively. In this scenario you would enter 4 in the 1.5X field (two hours at time-and-a-half for the twelve hour day, and two hours at time-and-a-half for the fourteen hour day. You would then enter 2 in the 2X field to account for the additional two hours at double-time for the fourteen hour day. In the end you have this breakdown for overtime:

4 at time-and-a-half, that’s 2 hours over the 10 hour day for the 12 hour shoot day, and 2 hours up to 12 for the fourteen hour shoot day, then the two hours after 12 on the fourteen hour shoot day are considered double-time.

In our example there are 4 total hours at time-and-a-half which works out to an additional $600 and 2 hours at double-time which works out to an additional $400 giving us a total of $1000 of overtime which is added to the $4000 line item total.

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