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Talent Fees Billed Direct
Talent Fees Billed Direct

To give an accurate representation of cost, with the agency responsible for paying talent fees, use the Talent Fees Billed Direct feature.

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Let’s take a second to explain the “Talent Fees Billed Direct” feature. You’re a photographer and an advertising agency has booked you for their “Fabulous, Fashion Shoot” because let’s be honest, you’re the best of the best.

You make a bid for the job and the advertising agency approves your $35,000 budget. The photographer fees are $7,500, leaving the production total at $27,500, which includes the talent fees that are $10,000.

Best business practices are to have the advertising agency pay the modeling agency directly so that you don’t have to run the $10,000 in fees through your studio. To do so incurs extra tax paper work and the modeling agency will start looking for their money a few days after the shoot wraps.

To give the advertising agency an accurate representation of the total cost of the shoot and indicate that they are responsible for paying the talent fees, use the Talent Fees Billed Direct feature in BlinkBid Online.

You can access this in two ways, depending on which document you’re printing. When printing an estimate or invoice the Talent Fees option is a dropdown in the print options window:

When printing an advance invoice the option is a check box at the lower right of the window.

As you can see in the final rendered document the Sub Total is indicated and then the Talent Fees are deducted to reveal a revised Sub Total on which your advance is based.

If you are in fact running the talent fees through your studio, simply choose, “Billed to Me” or leave the check box unchecked.

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