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Email your document with an electronic signature
Email your document with an electronic signature

Email your documents directly inside BlinkBid and attach an electronic signature request for approval.

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BlinkBid has a feature enabling you to email documents with an electronic signature request.

Under the hamburger menu or below the estimate date while inside the job, choose "Email Estimate." 

You'll be prompted to choose your job preferences, just like you do when you print a document. There, you'll have the option to request an electronic signature OR use the original signature lines feature.

We always recommend looking at the preview of the document before clicking the "Continue" button.

Input the email of the recipient of the electronic signature request. You have the option of choosing from your address book or you can enter any other valid email on-the-fly. You can also CC another recipient, add a subject line and an optional message to include in your email. A signature request can only go to one email at a time. If you send a request while previous one is pending, the new one will cancel the previous one. A email or invoice with an electronic signature request will automatically expire after 7 days.

After you press the orange "Send" button, you'll get an email notifying you the request has been sent.

There is a history, which tracks the signature request activity of the document. It will remain "Pending" until the document has been electronically signed and "Approved." 

Under your My Jobs list, you can sort by the jobs with Electronic Signature Requests, which will give you information about signed documents, date sent and the status of the request.

The recipient of the job will receive an email with an attachment of the job as well as a button to "Accept" and sign the document electronically.

Upon clicking "Accept," a tab will open with the Document Approval. You must enter your first and last name, agree to the terms and press "Accept."

Once the document has been accepted, both parties will get an email notifying that the document has been accepted.

In the Electronic Signature Requests tab under My Jobs, the specific job will read as "Accepted" under the Status category. Expired estimates and invoices will also appear here.

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