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Advance Invoice Terms
Advance Invoice Terms

To include specific terms for the advance invoice.

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If you want to include specific terms for the advance, you can enter a one-off set of terms while inside the job under the Info block, Terms < Advance Invoice. If you want the terms or contract to appear on every advance, you can enter your own text into the field in Settings < Terms < Advance Invoice Terms. We also have a default text available for you. When you are done, make sure to press the blue save button.

Then while inside the job, go back to the "Terms" info block and click "Import from Personality" in the Advance Invoice terms field. 

Once there is text inputted here, it will automatically appear on your advance documents. You do not need to append them when creating a new Advance. The Terms and Conditions appearing in the pop-up for the Advance refers to the general Terms and Conditions in Settings. 

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