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Overtime Calculations and Time Receipts
Overtime Calculations and Time Receipts

Dealing with overtime using the time receipts in the production module.

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The time receipts feature in the production module of BlinkBid has raised some confusion about how overtime is managed. At this time, the overtime added to a line item in the estimate is not calculable as time in the production module. For example, if you have a crew line item totalling $1200 which includes 2 hours of 1.5x and 1 hours 2x overtime, that will not translate into hours in the production module. The time receipts will simply directly deduct from the budget of the line item based on time and the rate entered.
That said, you can put a time receipt with a regular hours rate, and then a second one with the overtime rate to parse out the management of that line item. Returning to our example:
Total crew line item budget $1200
2 days at $500 leaves a balance of $200.
2 hours OT at $80/hour leaves a balance of $40.
1 hour OT at $40/ leaves a balance of zero.

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