BlinkBid allows you send an invoice with a "Pay Now" button so your client can conveniently pay you via credit card. Print an invoice as a PDF or send (via email) an invoice and get paid quickly via Stripe. Click Here for instructions on how to set up your Online Payment Account. If you encounter ERRORS while trying to print or preview your "Pay Now" invoice, please see below what are the most common issues.

1 - Your Invoice has a past date.

ERROR: job errors stripe_1127_Invoice WAS NOT SENT. Oops! In order to receive online payment, please ensure the invoice date is in the future.

This error means that the Invoice Date is a past date and needs to be updated to a date in the future.

2.a - Your contact does not have a valid email.

ERROR: job errors stripe_1127_Invoice WAS NOT SENT. Missing email. In order to create invoices that are sent to the customer, the customer must have a valid email.

This error means that the contact that you have on the job does not have a valid email. Make sure you update that information and try to issue the invoice again.

2.b - Your contact has "invalid' phone number or other data.

If your Job's Contact has in invalid phone number (or if you have inserted text in the phone number field) it can cause and ERROR in the connection process with Stripe. In order to fix the problem go to your Address Book (top menu), find that contact and edit the phone number field. Go back to your job and try to run the invoice again.

3 - Balance Due Zero or Negative.

ERROR: job errors stripe_1127_Invoice WAS NOT SENT. The balance on this invoice is zero or negative, and therefore a payment cannot be processed. To proceed choose not to include online payment when printing/sending your invoice.

This error means that your job has a Balance Due that is either zero or negative. If that is the case, a "Pay Now" button can't be inserted in your invoice. If you still need to generate an invoice make sure you do so without selecting the Online Payment option.

4 - Invoice value is not valid.

ERROR: job errors stripe_1127_Invoice WAS NOT SENT. Invoice balance must be no more than $999,999.99.

This means the Invoice has a value that is above the limit for an Online Payment.

5 - Contact has another Currency associated with him/her.

ERROR: job errors stripe_1127_Invoice WAS NOT SENT. A currency has already been assigned to this contact. Click here with information on how to send an invoice with a different currency.

This error means that at some point you already correlated this contact (the contact in the job you are in) to an invoice in another currency. For example, maybe this contact is also the contact of another job in which you have EUROS in the invoice and you have sent an invoice or printed an invoice for that job with the 'Pay Now" button. And now, in the current job you are in, you have the same contact but the invoice is in USD. Unfortunately, Stripe only allows one currency to be correlated to each contact. There are 3 ways do go around this: 1) you can change the contact of this job, 2) you can change the currency of the invoice to the one previously associated with the contact, or 3) you can create a new account on Stripe and start fresh (if you choose this option make sure to connect the new account with your BlinkBid).

If you have any other questions try Stripe Support of contact BlinkBid.

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