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Reverse Charge VAT
Reverse Charge VAT

Indicating reverse charge VAT to your tax information for clients across borders in the EU.

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BlinkBid gives you the ability to display a reverse charge VAT label alongside the tax information to indicate that the recipient of the service is responsible for the tax, even if the tax rate is 0.

To access, go to Settings < Taxes. Create a new tax or make edits to an already existed tax, then name the tax and enter a percentage. To apply a Reverse VAT label, check the box to "Display Zero Tax" and "Display Tax Note," and press SAVE.

Once saved in Settings, you can manage Reverse VAT on a job-by-job basis.

Inside a job, under Financials < Taxes, the boxes will appear so you can choose to show the tax rate on the document even if the rate is 0 and include a tax note, for example, "Reverse VAT."

This will then print on the document in the total numbers stack as seen below printed using the BlinkBid Standard.

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