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Bulk Change Feature
Bulk Change Feature

Make changes to multiple line items in the job at the same time.

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If you need to make a change to many existing line items, you can do so using BlinkBid's Bulk Change feature. While hovering over a specific line item, a box appears which allows you to click and highlight line items in green.

Check all the line items you would like to change and click "Bulk Change" at the top of the job in the green menu bar.

A pop-up window will appear allowing you to change many different preferences at the same time. Simply turn on the field you want to change, and enter the value.

For example, if the job changes from a 1-day shoot to a 2-day shoot, you can make a change all or some of the line items at one time. You can use this feature to add a memo to multiple line items, or mark all the Crew line items with P&W%.

Make sure to press the orange "Save" button.

When you return to the job, a Bulk Change Message will appear prompting you to click on the "REFRESH PAGE" button. This is a safety step to ensure that you or whoever else working on the job is working on the newest version with the most up-to-date changes. Press the button in blue, and the bulk changes will appear inside the job.

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