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AICP Numbers

Add the AICP line numbers to your jobs and be in full compliance with AICP Standards.

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BlinkBid allows you to include AICP Standard Line numbers to your line items.

First, switch to the AICP item catalog. Know that when you switch catalogs, you will lose any previous customizations. If you want to keep the original customizations, please create another personality.

When you switch, a new setting will appear in Document Appearance < Label & Section Text < Line Items and Categories, SHOW LINE ITEM NUMBER IN JOB. This will allow you to turn the line numbers off and on at will. They will begin turned on and will remain on if you change your item catalog unless manually turned off.

You can also choose to show or hide the line numbers when you go to print the document or create a PDF in the Printing Options.

That said, BlinkBid always supports flexibility. You can change/edit these job numbers in the Settings Item Catalog and you can also change them at the job level, in the Advance menu.

When you transfer to production, the AICP line numbers will transfer as well. If you have the line number turned off in settings, BlinkBid's own production numbering will appear.

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