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Issues with Login or Account Creation
Issues with Login or Account Creation

Why can't I log in or create an account? Here are a few ways to address account issues

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On rare occasions users may experience account related issues that either prevent them from creating an account or signing in to an existing account. Here are some common solutions.

  1. If you are experiencing this issue on our web app, check whether your browser has any ad blockers. Even though we aren't collecting our user's personal info (like login credentials) for advertising, some aggressive ad blockers can block our login and account create functionality from working.

  2. Make sure you are using the correct email AND password.

    • If you can't remember your password, select "Forgot Password" (it's towards the bottom of the Login Screen) so you can reset your password.

    • If our app shows an error "email is not found", make sure you're using the exact email address used when creating your account.

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