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Supported Browsers & Network Requirements

Browser and network requirements to run Boddle game.

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Supported Browsers & Network Requirements

For iOS devices, like iPhones and iPads, the app is required for Boddle to run correctly. For iOS devices download the app from the Apple App Store here.

For Android devices, like phones and tablets, you can play Boddle on the web or on the app downloaded from the Google Play Store.

For information about the Android and iOS device requirements for the Boddle App, read this article on Device Requirements.

To play Boddle on the web, through a browser, there are certain requirements your browser and network must meet in order for Boddle to run smoothly.

Supported Browsers

Boddle is supported by:

  • Safari 11+

  • Chrome 57+

  • Firefox 52+

Network Requirements

To run Boddle, your network must be at least 376 kb/s. However, we recommend that your network is 1 Mb/s to maximize gameplay.

If you experience loading issues playing Boddle, check out the Steps to Resolve Game Loading Issues. Also, if you are still experiencing issues, feel free to reach out to our team using the chat box in the lower right corner. We’re happy to help resolve your issue.

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