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Integrating Boddle into Clever
Integrating Boddle into Clever

Integrating Boddle & Clever saves teachers time when rostering students and offers easy access to the Boddle app via their Clever portal.

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To add Boddle to your Clever Library:

Sign into Clever → Click Homepage → click + Add select App → Search for Boddle → Install App

To share Boddle with Students:

Sign into Clever → Click Edit Student Sharing → change access to “All students you teach” or “One or more classes"

Note: If you want to use Google Classroom to roster and assign assignments, check out this article for those steps.

If you do not want to use Google Classroom or Clever, view this article on how to add your classroom manually.

Why Add Boddle Using Clever?

By combining these two tools, teachers will be able to keep their “digital desk” clean and easy to navigate as everything is connected and accessible from one place.

Adding Boddle to Your Clever Library

To add Boddle Learning to your Clever page, go to and log into your Clever teacher account. Then click Homeroom. From here, locate your page in the page section.

Then click the green “+ Add” button and select “App”. In the search bar, search for Boddle. Then click Install App.

Giving Students Access to Boddle through Clever

You will want to ensure that your students have access to login to Boddle through Clever. To do this, edit your student sharing access.

On your Clever Page, click Edit Student Sharing. Then, change access to “All students you teach” or to “One or more classes” if you want to share access to specific classes of students within Clever. Then Click Save.

Log-in students with Clever login

Students can log in to Boddle using their Clever Credentials. When students navigate to, have them click the Sign In with Clever button during login. Here, they will be able to log in with their Clever Badge or Clever username and password.

Happy Teaching!

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