Creating Students Manually

How to create student accounts using the manual entry method.

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If your students do not already have Boddle accounts, you can create them by clicking Add Students → Add New Students

There are a few different ways to create student accounts and/or add students to your classroom. This guide describes the manual entry method to create new student accounts and add those students to your Boddle classroom. To view guides on adding or creating student accounts using the other methods click the following links:

If your students already have Boddle student accounts, you do not need to create new accounts for them using the method described below. Instead, just add their existing account to your Boddle classroom using the Invite Students with a Link method or Adding Students with Class Code process.

Creating Student Accounts Using the Manual Entry Method

To create new student accounts and add these students to your classroom using the manual entry method, go to the Teacher Home Page. Next, click on the class that you would like to add students to.

Click on the "Add Students" button at the top of the classroom page. You can also locate this button by clicking on the "Students" tab on the left side of the page.

In the popup, click "Add New Students."

You can either manually enter the students’ names, or copy and paste them from a spreadsheet. Make sure to enter only one student name per line.

Once you've entered all of your students, press the blue “Continue” button at the bottom of the pop-up. The system will generate a list of students' first names and last initials. Click the "Flip" button at the top to reverse the name order. Click "Continue" to move on to the next step.

The program will auto-generate a username and password for each student. These can be edited by clicking on the box containing the username or password. When you're happy with the students' login information, press the blue "Continue" button.

Choose a grade level for each student, or use the dropdown at the top to set the grade level for all students at once. To add your students, click the blue "Continue" button.

Downloading Student Log-in Cards

After your students are added, you'll be able to download and print cards with their log-in information. These can be shared with students and parents for a smooth sign-in process!

Happy Teaching!

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