3 Easy Steps to Avoid Sign In Delays

Starting October 23rd, both teachers and student Google users may experience sign in delays due to changes to Google's workspace settings.

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These steps will prevent sign in delays due to Google's new workspace settings.

Step 1: Ask for Google Authorizing access from your School's Tech Department

You can share this step-by-step guide with your IT, or enter your IT Department's contact information here. We will send them an email requesting Boddle access on your behalf.

Preview the Email Here

Step 2: Sign in to Boddle Manually

Sign in to Boddle by typing your email and password to get back to learning!

Having trouble signing in?
1. Click on "Forgot Password?" to receive an email with a link to reset your password.

2. Send an email to contact@boddlelearning.com for help.

Step 3: Print Student Log-In Cards (with QR Codes for easy access)

If students sign in with Google, you'll want to print their log-in information so that they can still play Boddle if Google access is delayed.

To share students’ log-in instructions, first go to your teacher dashboard. Next, find the classroom with the students whose log-in info you would like to share.

In the classroom, click the “Students” button on the left side of the classroom dashboard. Then, click the “Share Student Log-ins” button on the top of the page.‍

To print out every student’s log-in card, click the topmost checkbox next to the “All Students” heading. Next, click the blue “Preview Cards” button and print out the subsequent pages. You can cut out these cards and distribute them to students.

If you're ever unable to log in, email us at contact@boddlelearning.com or chat with us via the live chat button on the bottom right of your teacher dashboard - we're here to help! 😃

Happy teaching!

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