If you've just received a discount code from Bonnet, your employer or a company you deal with which grant you one or more months of free or discounted charging with our Refills and are wondering how this work, look no further!

These Intro Discounts will give you a discount on the upfront energy payment of your Refill for a specified period. Essentially this will give you up to 200kWh for absolutely FREE on the first or first few months of your Refill.

These codes can be applied by the user during registration or in Settings > Promotions.

Please note that only the upfront energy payment will be discounted, once you run our of it, you will be billed at your Refill Rate. While this discount still applies to users who upgrade to a higher Refill amount, the maximum amount of upfront energy that can be discounted (or received for free) with one of these codes is 200kWh.

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