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Intercom Setup & Implementation
Intercom Setup & Implementation

We at bot•hello offer Intercom setup and implementation services to help you consolidate your customer support into one CX platform.

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Who are we?

bot•hello is a CX Optimisation Agency that helps consumer brands implement self-service support tools such as chatbots on websites and social media messaging channels that drive customer loyalty, reduce support hours and increase sales on auto-pilot.

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a platform for communicating with customers and consolidates solutions such as chatbots, live chat, help desk ticketing, and knowledge base (or help centre) software for businesses. This way, you can house all your customer support activities in one platform to help your team manage, measure, and optimise your customer service.

Check out their website to learn more.

Our Intercom implementation process

When setting up and implementing the Intercom platform for businesses, we follow a 4-step implementation process. This includes:

  • Discovery & Design

  • Development & Testing

  • Implementation & Training

  • Optimisation & Reporting

To ensure we're creating the best solution to meet your — and your customers' — needs, we begin by analyzing support history and data. We look at trends in incoming requests and isolate topics and issues with high message volume to identify areas that would be ideal for automation. We use this to craft a data-driven solution for you, including macros, templates, rules, routing, and tagging for increased support efficiency.

Then, we develop and test Intercom to ensure everything works properly. And we'll implement your automations, integrate your messaging channels and business systems for a smooth and seamless customer support process, and create comprehensive training documents for current (and future) support team members.

Finally, we'll run ongoing reports to continue to optimize your system to deliver the best service.


We offer 3 pricing tiers: Starter, Growth, and Blitzscale. Each tier includes services, such as CX reporting, help desk, and live chat implementation. Chatbot, knowledge base, and training guide development and optimisation are also included.

We also offer al a carte services that include:

  • Product tours

  • Chatbot development & optimisation

  • Live chat & email support outsourcing

  • VoIP implementation & optimisation

We offer multiple retainer packages after we launch your project based on your business needs.

You can pay for these packages on a monthly or annual basis.

Interested in learning more? Book a chat with us here.

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