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Athletes can log in on the web to view their workouts, however, their ability to complete workouts is limited to their mobile phone. Please note that you cannot log any data such as weight used or reps on the web.

Here are some of the things that athletes can use their web access for:

View Calendar

Athletes can view their workout schedule on their athlete profile to preview future workouts, view past workouts, and see their attendance

Send messages using the Team Stream

Athletes can send messages to their coach by clicking "new message" at the top of the team messages module of your browser.

View test history

View past data from previous tests to set a goal for the next testing phase.

Access to activity reports

See results of required and tracked sets you completed on your phone or tablet during your workouts

Print workouts

If you prefer a tangible hard copy of your workouts, you can download them as a pdf and print them out. Simply click "print workout" in the top right corner. You will be prompted to make selections and choose the phase you'd like printed.

Follow this link to read another article on how to print your workouts:

Change password and email preferences

You can change your password and email in the account settings. Click on your name in the top right corner of your browser screen. Choose "account settings"

Hover over and click the edit (pencil) button to make changes. Don't forget to select "save" before closing out.

Keep in mind that the best option to complete training is through your mobile device. You will rarely need to log in on your computer as an athlete, but it can be a great place to review work. Enjoy your workouts!

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