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How to educate athletes with video tutorials using Playlists
How to educate athletes with video tutorials using Playlists

5 easy steps to build and deliver educational series to your athletes

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“You haven’t taught until they have learned.” – John Wooden

Bridge not only empowers you to ensure that your training intent is understood but also allows you to strategically integrate key teachings from other disciplines alongside your strength and conditioning program.

In this article, we will walk you through, in five easy steps, how to build an educational series into your training, supporting a wide range of topics such as teaching proper lifting techniques to nutrition, mindfulness, and recovery.

Below, we will step through the process of building out an educational series on how to perform key lifts. You can follow the same steps to carry out any learning strategy that you have in mind!

Step 1: Navigate to your Library and create a program named "Learning Key Lifts".

Step 2: Add a phase named "Advanced Movements" and with the following description: Learn how to perform key lifts and avoid common mistakes that could hinder or halt your progress. Watch the video tutorials and practice what is being preached by completing a few warm-up sets to dial in what right feels like.

Step 3: Create four workouts, each corresponding to a key lift: Deadlift, Bench Press, Lat Pull Down, and Back Squat. See below!

Step 4: Create a block on each day and, using the Add Media functionality, upload from either your computer or youtube an educational video tutorial on how to perform each key lift and how to avoid those common mistakes.

Bonus Tip #1: As you can see in the above screenshot, you can also add warmup sets to give your athletes a chance to practice what they learn and send you back a video recording, directly from within the app, of them performing each lift!

Step 5: Finally, assign the playlist to your athletes. This educational playlist will appear now on their phone next to their main program. See below!

Bonus Tip #2: You can assign as many playlists to your athletes as you'd like. You can track your athlete's compliance and communicate with them in-app!

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