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Adding Media in the Builder
Adding Media in the Builder

Upload content to blocks to share more information with clients

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Add media content to blocks as additional notes, independent of exercises!

This is a great way to add educational information, more in-depth instructions, or any extra content you want to share with your clients. Videos, PDFs, voice notes, and images can be added directly to blocks in the builder when creating your next program.

Check out this video of an overview of how to add media to blocks:

Here are a few quick FAQs before we dive in:

  • What media can I upload?

Video, images, PDFS, and voice notes!

  • What is the file size?

500 MB

Wondering how this looks for your clients? Scroll down in this article. It's at the bottom!

  • How do I upload media?

This is done directly in the program builder. Open the menu on any block in a workout and upload the media directly from your computer. The content will upload at the top of the block for you to review.

  • Can I only add content to blocks when building?

Yes, this is an additional tool to use when creating training programs in the program builder. Only coaches can add content to blocks and it will just be viewable to clients in their workout.

Now, let's break down the steps:

  1. Open a program in the builder

  2. Click on the 3 dots on the top of any block

3. On the menu select "Add Media"

4. Choose any of the supported file types to upload from your computer.

5. The content will now appear at the top of the block when expanded.

6. When the block is condensed you'll see a label that media is attached so you can easily find it!


What do my clients see?

Clients will be able to view all media uploaded in both the preview and while in their workout. Here are some examples:

We hope this helps improve the way you are able to communicate and train clients!

If you have any questions please reach out to us at

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