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How much does Bubble cost?
How much does Bubble cost?
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Our mission is to make great childcare easily accessible and affordable for as many parents as possible. Using Bubble costs less than agencies and other childcare platforms, and we intend to keep it that way.

We always strive to provide a brilliant service that gives parents great value for money. The fees we charge cover sitter verification, sit insurance and secure cashless payment. They also allow our small and dedicated team to keep working on the updates and great new feature ideas that our community of parents ask us for every day.

If a parent subscribes to ‘Bubble Plus’, they never pay any booking or cancellation fees, and the Trust & Safety fee charged per sit is also much lower. It is the cheapest and best way to use Bubble and the monthly plan is just £9.99 — if you subscribe for more months at a time, it gets even cheaper!

When not subscribed to 'Bubble Plus', the costs for using the service are:



Trust & Safety fee

10% of the sit cost

5% of the sit cost

Booking fee



Cancellation fee*



* A cancellation fee of £1.99 is charged when cancelling a sit with less than 24hrs notice.

To learn more about Bubble Plus, go here.

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