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Parents on Bubble
Parents on Bubble

This category contains help articles for parents looking to book babysitters via the Bubble app.

57 articles
Parent Safety Bubble - explained
How do I pay for a sit?
How do I allow a trusted person to log into my account?
Money back guarantee on Regular Help
The babysitter’s profile: what you can see.
Facebook integration: the what and the why
The security checks that babysitters need to pass
The difference between Single Sit and Direct Bookings
Who pays for the taxi home?
Rating and reviewing your babysitter
Are all babysitters DBS checked?
My sitter is late: what should I do?
What happens if I forget to end the sit?
Helping you stay safe
Finding sitters with newborn experience
Finding sitters who speak other languages
How to find a specific babysitter
NHS Parents Help Guide
Your profile photo. Why it’s important.
Your bio. Why it’s important.
How to book a sit
My sitter just cancelled. Help!
Your profile: what information is shared
Sending your request to more than one babysitter
Who stops the sit?
Do I have to pay if I need to cancel the sit?
How do I change the timings of the sit?
Phone book integration: The what and the why
How does Bubble connect me to babysitters?
How do I connect to my school?
'Post a job ' feature - FAQs
How to make a multi-booking
How do I invite my friends to Bubble?
Treating our babysitters: Best practice
Building a list of Favourite Sitters
Seeing your friends' babysitters
Connecting with my school
What is Bubble Plus?
How can I cancel my Bubble Plus subscription?
Can I pay my babysitter in cash?
How does insurance work on Bubble?
What is the tax/employment status when booking sitters on Bubble?
How can I find a sitter for Regular Help?
Why is there an unexpected charge from my card? (Pre-Authorisation)
Upcoming Sit: Best Practice For Parents
How much does Bubble cost?
Verify your NHS account on Bubble
Free Bubble for the NHS: FAQ
Get a Helpr on Bubble!
What is Instant Book?
Nanny Cams and Home Security
Bubble for Uber Drivers
Petcare: What is it and what can I use it for?
Petcare: How payments work
Petcare: How do I add pets?
Petcare: How can I book a sitter directly?
Petcare: Keeping your pet and home safe