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How does insurance work on Bubble?
How does insurance work on Bubble?
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Safety, security and trust for our customers – both parents and sitters – is of paramount importance to us. For this reason, we give every babysitter on Bubble £1m public liability insurance as standard, for all of the sits they do on the Bubble app.

The insurance covers babysitters for any accidental injury or damage they cause to a third party whilst on a sit.

Neither parents nor babysitters have to pay for this insurance, it’s an additional benefit to bring further peace of mind to the members of our community.

Below are some FAQs about how the insurance works.

Do I have to pay for this insurance?

No, babysitters on Bubble are covered by this public liability insurance automatically when signing up to the Bubble app. It is an additional advantage for both parents and sitters for doing sits on the platform and for being part of our community.

What does the insurance cover?

The policy covers the babysitter for accidental damage to a third party’s property and accidental injury to a third party, caused by them whilst on a Bubble sit. That last bit is important; the babysitter is only covered by this insurance when carrying out a sit that has been booked and is ‘in progress’ on the Bubble app.

How much is the sitter insured for?

Any individual claim made against the babysitter (or a series of claims related to the same one incident) are covered up to a maximum liability of £1m.

An accident occurred, how do I make a claim?

If an accident has occurred and you wish to seek compensation for any damages caused by the sitter then please follow these steps.

  1. Inform your sitter that you’d like them to pay for the damages. They will be able to open a claim on their insurance.

  2. Inform Bubble at about the incident and your wish to make a claim.

The sitter is the policyholder but we will do what we can to facilitate a smooth claims process.

What if the babysitter disputes the claim I’m making?

The Claim Handlers are experts at investigating claims made and determining whether a particular claim is valid. They will consider all the evidence and reports supplied by both parties before determining whether the claim should be successful. The important thing is that those involved report the incident quickly, and are responsive and accurate when discussing what occurred.

What is “The Excess”?

The Excess is the amount that the insured party needs to pay toward any successful insurance claim that is made against them. It is a very common part of most insurance policies. Under this policy, the excess that a sitter, as the insured party, is subject to the event of a successful claim being made against them is £250.

What if the damage caused has a value of less than £250?

In this case, the babysitter would not claim this against the insurance as the value is below the excess payable. In instances like these, sitters and parents should discuss the matter directly and try and come to an agreement on compensation.

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