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NHS Parents Help Guide
NHS Parents Help Guide
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To support NHS parents that are working on the frontline against COVID-19, Bubble is building the ability for NHS parents to book pro bono childcare through its platform.

Med School Students across the country have been unable to continue with their studies and be present in hospitals during the crisis. They want to put their time to good use supporting the NHS and their future colleagues, and can offer vital support to the NHS by carrying out babysitting, pro bono for front line workers.

Working in partnership with, and guided by, Med School Student Groups and other stakeholders in the NHS community, Bubble is modifying it’s booking platform to enable NHS front line workers to book childcare with local med school students, and existing sitters on the platform entirely free of charge.

The service will be available to parents across the entire NHS, from surgeons to porters, and will from late March to early April.

How do I register?

NHS parents and med school students can register their interest here. We will notify all interested parties when the service is launched.

Once live, NHS parents will need to register using their NHS email address and NHS ID Number.

Once registered, NHS parents will be able to list one-off childcare or regular help jobs on the Bubble platform and volunteers will be able to apply to sit on a pro bono basis.

To pay thanks to volunteers, NHS parents will be provided with the option to pay tips through the Bubble platform directly to volunteers. Bubble will charge 0% fees on all payments.

If you have any further questions, email

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