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How do I allow a trusted person to log into my account?
How do I allow a trusted person to log into my account?
Here's a guide on how to allow a trusted person to log into your account if needed, using Trusted Family Access!
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Sometimes, you just need another pair of eyes when going through a list of prospective sitters β€” other times, you've got a sitter at home and realise that your phone is about to run out of battery while you're at the restaurant! 😱

Don't worry; we've got you covered πŸ”

We have a feature called Trusted Family Access which allows you to add a secondary number, through which your partner or trusted friend would be able to log into your account and manage your bookings on your behalf!

You can find this feature either under My Contact Info in the main menu:

Or in your Safety Bubble on any confirmed or in-progress booking:

(Please note that the number you add must not be linked to any other Bubble account first β€” if you want to effectively have a joint account between you and your partner, but they already signed up, please contact us on Live Chat and we'd be happy to help you out 😊)

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