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Petcare: How can I book a sitter directly?
Petcare: How can I book a sitter directly?

Tips on how to book a sitter directly for a Petcare job

Updated over a week ago

Petcare is Bubble's brand-new feature where you can find help for your favourite furry friends. It's super powerful and intuitive, helping your pets get the best care possible.

We've made it easy for parents to easily rebook the pet sitters they love โ€” let's go into how that works.

A change to Favourites

You'll notice there's a new toggle in the top right of your Favourites.

All you need to do to send a direct Petcare request is select your sitter, toggle to Petcare in the top right, then tap 'Create Petcare request'.

Once you've sent them your direct request, they'll then be able to respond to your booking with their price. You'll be notified when they do, and if you're happy with the price they've quoted you, you can then confirm the booking with them.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch via Live Chat or by emailing

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