Open your buymie app β†’ click on the top-left sidebar β†’ Click on "My Account".

1. To change/add a new address;

  • Click on "Address"

  • Click on "Add Address" or the edit symbol on the right-hand side of your current address.

  • Select a "Country"

  • Then click on "Address".

  • This will take you to an empty white screen. Type in your eircode/postcode and click "Search" on your keyboard.

  • When your address appears, click on it!

  • Then click "Save Address".

2. To change your payment method

  • Click on "Payment Methods"

  • Click on "Add Credit Card"

  • Fill in your card number, expiry and CVV code.

  • If this is your default payment method, make sure the "Default Payment Method" column is ticked.

  • Click "Save".

3. To change your password

  • Click on "Account"

  • Click "Change Password"

  • Type in your old, new and confirm your new password.

If you are still helping trouble, ask us a question on the app, and one of our team members will assist you with your queries.

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