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How buymie Works
Who does the delivery?
Who does the delivery?
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Welcome to buymie - an On-Demand Delivery Platform

At buymie, we're committed to bringing you convenience with the help of a network of our trained personal shoppers who will shop on your behalf and deliver your goods to your door.

All our shoppers are independent contractors who use buymie as a way to earn extra income. We take extra steps to ensure that all our shoppers meet our standards. That's why we go through an in-depth onboarding process with each shopper, including face-to-face vetting and document checks.

Shoppers who are approved to join our network gain access to our Buymie Excellent Service Training (BEST) program. This program aims to provide comprehensive education to our shoppers in the areas of food handling & hygiene, cold chain awareness for fresh and frozen foods, and the use of proper equipment to prevent cross-contamination during delivery.

Looking to join our shopper network? Click here to apply.

At buymie, we strive to ensure that you get only the best and most reliable service. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and our team of dedicated personal shoppers, you can trust that your grocery delivery needs are taken care of.

Having Trouble?

Contact us in-app or send a message to our support team at

We are here to help you with any issue you may have and will do our best to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

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