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How do you ensure the freshness of the product I purchase?
How do you ensure the freshness of the product I purchase?
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The freshness and quality of items selected are cornerstones of the buymie experience

At buymie, we know that you care about the freshness and quality of the products you receive. We strive to ensure each order is delivered fast, and the items selected are of the highest standard.

Each order is processed in real-time and not rolling around in a truck for the day, your shopper is picking and delivering your items in the very same way as if you had gone to the shop yourself. When handling an order, each personal shopper is working directly for the customer at that moment in time, ensuring you receive the highest level of accountability for the quality of each order.

We understand that it may not always be easy for consumers to get the freshest and best-in-season products from every store. As such, buymie goes one step further to ensure only the freshest items are selected. We provide shoppers with a specially designed app that helps them source the very best and most long-dated items. In addition, we provide access to extensive training in areas such as food handling & hygiene, cold chain awareness for fresh and frozen foods, and equipment to maintain refrigerated temperatures and prevent cross-contamination during the delivery process.

The quality of the items and focus on freshness that we place through our platform is evident in that our top categories today are, in fact, Fresh and Frozen foods.

At buymie, we are committed to ensuring the freshness and quality of our selection process, so you can feel confident when ordering through our platform.

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