Buymie Bonus Credit can be acquired in a variety of ways, including without limitation, through promotions, referral programs, or in connection with an unsatisfactory purchase or customer experience.

Buymie Bonus Credit is for lawful personal use. Buymie Bonus Credit may only be used in accordance with this policy and our Terms of Service.

Buymie Bonus Credit will be applied to the purchase price of an eligible order automatically.

Buymie Bonus Credit cannot be:

  • Redeemed for real-world money

  • Used to purchase a gift card.

  • Transferred from one user to another

  • Items purchased with Buymie Bonus Credit cannot be refunded for real-world money.

  • If a refund is issued for an item purchased with Buymie Bonus Credit, the refund shall be issued in Buymie Bonus Credit.

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