Your ambassador's codes are the most important part of your program, because the codes are what your ambassadors use to promote you (and the codes are how you track their sales!). Here is everything you need to know about these codes, how they are created, where to find them, and where to edit them.

How are the unique ambassador referral codes created?

1. You set the code rules in your settings

In Settings > Program Settings, you create a "price rule" for your ambassador referral codes. This rule tells our app what discount rate you want the unique codes to take off, among other settings. Read more about how to configure this setting here.

2. This price rule is created in your Shopify discounts list

You will then see that our app created the price rule in your Shopify discounts list. This is where your ambassadors' individual, unique codes will appear.

3. The ambassador chooses their code in their application

When an ambassador applies for your brand's program using the application form you create, they will have the opportunity to provide their desired discount code name in a required question that asks, "What would you like your referral code to be?"

We allow the ambassadors to choose/create their own codes (1) to make it easier on you (your ambassadors won't have to ask you to change their code if they don't like it!), (2) so your ambassadors will more easily remember their code, and (3) so that your ambassador codes are more concise and meaningful than just a a random string of characters, which is what a lot of other apps create.

4. Our app creates the code

If the code the ambassador requests in their application form is available in your Shopify store discounts (as all codes must be unique), then our app will automatically generate that ambassador code for them and it will be active on your Shopify store as a discount code. You will be able to find it within the price rule you created in step 1. Just click the price rule in Shopify to open it, and click the button that says "View All Codes".

This will open a list of all of your ambassadors' unique codes!

Where do I find the unique codes in my Shopify account?

Your referral codes are found within the price rule that you created in your Buzzbassador settings. To find them:

1. Identify your price rule

Go to your Buzzbassador settings > Program Settings, and figure out the name of the active price rule for your Ambassador Referral Codes. It's the text you see in the "Referral rule title" field. In the example below, the price rule is "BuzzReferrals".

2. Open the price rule in your Shopify discounts list

Go to Shopify > Discounts and search the price rule title. Then click the price rule top open it.

3. Click "View all codes" at the top

Once you open the price rule, there will be a "View all codes" button. Once you click this, a list will open that shows you all of your ambassadors' unique codes.

How do I edit one of my ambassadors' codes?

Let's say an ambassador wants to change their code that they created, or the original code they wanted wasn't available. You can always change the code in Buzzbassador from the Ambassador Log page. Just click the yellow edit icon by that code.

This will open a pop-up where you can update the code. Just type in the new code that you want, and click "Update Code". Make sure the code you are changing it to is unique (meaning that it's not already a code in your Shopify store), or you will get an error message. All discount codes must be unique -- Shopify's rules.

If you have any questions about the referral code process, send us a chat! We are always happy to help :)

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