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Filtering People / Faces
Filtering People / Faces

How to make sure only the relevant people are being named in your images.

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What are filters and how do they work

Facial recognition software can be quite sensitive so we've included a number of tools to help make sure that your captions only contain people who are relevant.

The currently available filters are below. We will discuss the difference between pre and post recognition filters and each filter in more depth below.

Pre recognition filters:  

  • Max faces per image

  • Only use local/celebrity database

Post recognition filters:

  • Face size

  • Face sharpness

  • Solo people

  • Enabled guests

  • Only show face matches from specific groups

How to edit filters

Defaults for filters are set in the project settings window when creating a new project, or editing an existing project. You can also change a selection of filters on an image by image basis from the filters section in the right hand part of the screen once an image is selected. You can edit filters for multiple images at the same time by selecting multiple images and then editing the filters. Editing the project filter defaults will only apply to images that are processed after the defaults have been changed.

How to tell if a filter is active

There are two ways to tell if a filter is being applied to a face.

Firstly the face box in the image will become orange. You can find out more about why a face has been filtered by hovering your mouse over a filtered face:

Secondly, when that face is selected, the currently active filters will be highlighted in orange:

What's the difference between pre and post recognition filters?

In simple terms pre recognition filters are applied while an image is being loaded, so in order to change these on an image, it would need to be re-processed. Post recognition filters can be edited at any time without the need to reprocess the images.

Its best to set pre recognition filters once for the project so that they do not have to be changed, whereas post recognition filters should be set with sensible defaults, and tweaked on each image.

Pre Recognition Filters:

Max faces per image

This sets a limit on the number of faces that Caption Pro will detect in the image. There are two main reasons you may want to lower this value. 

Firstly, to limit your monthly costs. Caption Pro charges based on the number of faces detected in an image, if for instance you are a sports photographer and Caption Pro detects 30 faces in the crowd of a football game when all you are interested in are the players on the field, you will be paying for more faces than is necessary.

Secondly, to improve processing speed. Images are faster to process if less faces are detected.

We recommend setting this value slightly higher than the maximum number of people of interest that are likely to appear in an image. This covers all eventualities and avoids the time consuming process of having to change the filter and reprocess the images containing more faces than you anticipated.

This filter will prioritize faces that appear larger in the image.

Local database toggle

This will ensure Caption Pro suggests people that have been added to your database by you or your team.

Celebrity database toggle

This will ensure Caption Pro suggests people from the Caption Pro celebrity database. This is good for identifying well known individuals that may not already be in your database.

In certain instances you may only want to select your 'local' database. One reason for this would be to prevent unwanted name suggestions. You may already have everybody you know who is going to be at an event in your facial recognition database, in which case any new suggestion is likely to be incorrect and will slow down your captioning process.

Post Recognition Filters:

Face size

The face size filter allows you to filter out smaller faces from your image. This can be changed by using the relevant slider in the filter section of the UI, or by using the hotkeys: - and =.

Face sharpness

The face sharpness filter filters out people based on how blurry their face is. This can also be changed by using the relevant slider in the filter section of section of the UI, or by using the hotkeys: [ and ]

Guests mode

By toggling guests mode, faces that have not been recognized will be labelled as "Guest". Toggle guests mode in the filter section of the UI or by using the hotkey g.

Solo people

Caption Pro will ignore all people in the image apart from those in the "people to solo" input box. If no names have been input into the box this filter has no effect. This can be particularly useful when you know a group of images only contain certain people, as you may edit this field (and other fields) with multiple images selected. Please note that you may only add people to this box if they have been previously recognized in any of your projects.

Active groups

The Active Groups section allows you to narrow down the facial recognition suggestions presented by the software to only match faces with people from specified groups. You can select multiple groups and you can follow the 'manage' button to manage your face recognition database from the account management dashboard.

Manually adding / removing a face 

Adding a face

Sometimes Caption Pro is unable to detect a face in an image even though it is there. This can be due to multiple reasons, such as the face being too blurry, the person looking away, or the face being obscured. However in these cases it is still possible to quickly add the subject's name to the caption. You can do this by right clicking the correct location in the image and selecting 'manually add person'.

You can also do this by pressing the '+' button in the name bar underneith the selected image:

You can also do this by using the 'i' hotkey. When the 'i' button has been pressed you will see a number above all of the available locations where you can insert a name into the caption. Pressing the relevant number will then ensure that you are inserting a name into the correct place.

Note: pressing i and then i again is a quick way to always insert into the last available slot.

Manually added names will not have reference faces associated with them as Caption Pro doesn't have any facial recognition data for them. 

Removing a face from the image or name from the name bar

Deleting a face directly from the image (by righ clicking and pressing delete or by pressing the hotkey) will simply ignore that face in the image in question, removing that person's name from the list of names in the currently selected image.

You can also remove unnecessary names directly from the name bar by pressing the 'X' next to their name:

What's next?

Next, lets look at how to Edit Metadata


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