Frequently asked questions about the Caption Pro service and software.

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions divided into 4 sections:


1) What are your terms of service?

Our terms of service can be found by following this link.

2) How will my payment be processed?

Once you have completed your free trial and signed up to pay for a subscription the payment for the coming month's use will be taken immediately. Any usage-based costs such as additional AI processes outside of the allowance will be charged once the month's usage is complete and calculated. Our payment provider is Stripe and their privacy policy can be found here.

3) What are 'Billable AI processes'?

Billable AI processes refer to the usage based costs associated with processing images with Caption Pro. Team accounts come with a yearly AI processing allowance whereas personal accounts get billed monthly for the AI processes that fall outside of the basic allowance (500 free AI processes a month). Please see points 3.1 and 3.2 below outlining the difference between how we calculate facial recognition and text detection as billable AI processes.

The AI processes we count are as follows:

  • 1 AI process counted for each image processed, regardless of the type of AI detection used.

  • 1 AI process counted for each face detected in an image.

  • 1 AI process counted for each image processed with number recognition.

You can see how many AI processes have been incurred on an individual image by looking at the tooltop in the top left corner of the UI with an image selected:

You can also check how many AI processes you are currently on for your billing period (and how many you processed in previous periods) from the account management dashboard:

3.1) What do you mean by 'faces detected in an image'?

When you upload a photo we use facial recognition to locate and identify the faces within the image. If Caption Pro picks up 5 faces in an image (resulting in 5 nameable face boxes) then that will count as 5 billable AI processes, regardless of how many are successfully identified by the software or how many get used in a caption. 

It is recommended that to avoid the unnecessary processing of background faces, a reasonable 'max faces processed' limit is set by users during project creation. This way users can specify that they only want Caption Pro to pick up the '15' largest faces in each image for instance (as is the case in the above image), potentially ignoring numerous background faces in a crowd. 

It is important to note that if you use the 'reprocess' option in the context menu to reprocess an image then this will contribute again towards your AI processing count.

More information about this can be found in the 'pre-processing filters' section of our article: Filtering people / faces

Tip: When shooting events with a lot of background faces such as sports events, catwalks and parties, using a wider aperture will help save your processing allowance. Additionally, making the necessary crops before using Caption Pro can also help remove unwanted background faces prior to processing. 

3.2) How is text detection/number recognition calculated?

Text detection works a little differently to face detection in that there is only 1 billable AI process for every image processed with text detection, regardless of how many numbers or text instances that are picked up by the software.

Faces and numbers/text all come out separately from your face processing allowance though, so if for instance you process an image with face and text detection together, and the software picks up 3 different faces. You will have gone through 4 different billable AI processes in that image (3 for the faces and 1 for the fact that text detection was also used during processing - regardless of how many numbers/words were identified)

4) How do I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription any time by selecting 'cancel subscription' from your Account Management page. If you have a specific complaint or would like to request a refund please get in touch at support@caption-pro.com or speak to us on chat in the app or on the website. 

5) How long is the free trial?

The standard free trial for the basic subscription is 14 days. This begins when you first log into the software. If you need longer or had an issue stopping you from making use of your free trial then please let us know and we will see if we can extend it for you. 

6) Do you do team subscriptions?

We currently offer a range of team subscriptions that allow multiple users to contribute to (and read from) a shared company database as well as access a number of exclusive features. For inquiries about our team subscriptions please get in touch with us directly at support@caption-pro.com

7) How do I change my payment details?

You can change your payment details by following this link.


1) How can I manage my account?

You can manage your account from the Account Management page. Here you will be able to see your account status, download the relevant software and cancel/renew your subscription.  

2) How can I reset my password?

You can reset your password by following this link. Alternatively there is another link on the login window within the app.


1) How do I ....? 

Full documentation explaining each of our features and various workflow stages can be found in the relevant article in our Help Center.  

2) Is there a limit to the amount of faces that can be processed per image?

Caption Pro can only detect up to 100 faces in any single image. 

3) What file types do you process?

We are constantly updating our compatible file types, some of the more common image formats that we accept are:
JPG, PNG, DNG, TIFF and NEF file types.

We are also compatible with a growing range of RAW image files.
If you have a request for us to process a specific file type, or one of those isn't working for you, please let us know using the in-app chat, or by using the support email listed at the bottom of this article. 

4) How can I report a bug?

In order to report a bug, please navigate to the 'help' menu at the top of the page with the application open and press 'send bug report'. 

When filling out the report please be as descriptive as possible and a member of the team will get back to you a soon as they can to diagnose and fix the problem. 

5) What if a metadata field isn't listed?

If you can't find the metadata field you're looking for in our list, email us at support@caption-pro.com (preferably with an image / xmp template attached which includes information added in the metadata field in question) or let us know on chat within the app and we'll get it added as soon as we can. 


1) Are images stored locally or remotely?

When you process an image it remains on your device, however a compressed version of the image is uploaded to a server hosted in Ireland for the sole purpose of facial identification. It only remains on the server for the duration of the facial recognition process (a few seconds) and then gets flagged for deletion. 

When you add a new person to your database however, (or save a reference face to someone already on the database) we save a cut out of that face on our servers which is then used as a reference image for that person in your private face database (the images you see as 'matched reference faces' in the top right corner of the UI when a person is selected are these saved reference images). These are stored on our servers for the duration of their time as reference images. If you delete them from the reference pool in the app, or delete the record of the person entirely, these reference face cut-outs will also be deleted. 

It may take a couple of weeks for the content to be permanently removed from our servers. 

2) Do any third parties benefit from the processing of these images? 

We use a tier 1 facial recognition service provider, compliant with strict codes of practice regarding the protection of personal data. 

We have an agreement with the third party we use for facial recognition processing, specifying that they do not use our facial recognition data for any other purpose, no other customers of theirs will be able to access that data, and they do not use it to train their facial recognition, AI or machine learning models.

3) Do any other Caption Pro users benefit from the processing of my images?

We understand that the advantages that come with growing your own facial recognition database would be minimised should that information be shared among potential rivals, so when we refer to your 'private' database we really mean it. 

Each user is given access to the standard 'Celebrity Database' with their subscription which has hundreds of thousands of people of interest already stored on it, ranging from musicians, sports stars and actors to political figures. Any new person you add to your database however is partitioned and this will not be visible to anyone else, nor will it be used to improve the accuracy of the built in global 'Celebrity Database', only your private one. This is also the case should you add a reference image to a currently known record from the global database, only your account's facial recognition accuracy will be affected. 

Shared databases are available upon request and enterprise tier subscriptions include a centralised  database, managed by the owner of the account whose users/guest accounts all contribute towards/read from it. 

In short, we do all we can to ensure that no one, other than the users whose accounts have been used to process images, will benefit from the processing of those images. 

4) Is my use of Caption Pro GDPR compliant? 

This is a question we have received a few times now so we thought it would be best for us to outline all of the necessary information and ease the worries of our users in the form of a dedicated GDPR compliance article.

5) What is your privacy policy? 

Our privacy policy can be found here

If your question isn't on here.. don't be afraid to reach out via chat on our website or in-app. Alternatively you can email support@caption-pro.com.

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