Number recognition and text detection are a powerful addition to Caption Pro's AI capabilities made availavble to all 'Team' accounts and 'free trial' users. If you are on a personal account and would like to upgrade, please get in touch.

When text recognition is enabled, Caption Pro will search for numbers and text in your images, and present any matching names that have been found from your project's active number lists.

It is important to note that if a name/number isn't included in any of your active number lists, it won't be picked up or suggested by the software.

Setting up Text Recognition

In order to set up text and number recognition, you must make sure it is enabled in your project and that you have added at least one number list for the software to reference.

To do this, navigate to the project settings and under the 'text recognition' tab you will see the toggle to activate the feature. You will then be able to create a new list, or manage and browse saved lists from the appropriate tabs.

**Only images that get processed after number recognition was activated will be scanned for numbers and text. You will need to re-process images if you accidentally added them prior to activating the feature in your project**

Adding a new list

It is essential to add a number list to your project if you want to make use of the text and number recognition feature, as the software uses this list as a reference when looking for names and numbers in your images.

There are two main ways of adding number lists: by manually filling out each person record individually within the 'new list' modal, or by uploading a .csv file. The latter option is advised, as it is much quicker to create these lists by using a spreadsheet.

When creating a csv file it is important to get the list structure right so make sure the column headings are in the following order:

Name, Team, Number, Prefix, Postfix

If you are adding a prefix and/or postfix to your list it is important to note that the output will respect spacing, so if you want it to read "Chris Emmerson of the Mighty Blues" the postfix will need to include a space before "of the Mighty Blues". This can be done quickly within the software with the button next to the prefix and postfix column headings:

Managing saved lists

By navigating to the 'saved lists' tab you will be able to add previously created lists to your current project (making them 'active lists') and you will also be able to make changes to those lists if required.

If you are editing an active list you will be presented with 2 options upon saving. You can choose to either only save the changes to the list currently in the project, or you can save the changes to the currently active list and save a copy of the new list to your 'saved lists':

Changes that are made to active lists do not overwrite the original list in the 'saved lists' tab. This is to prevent the changes affecting any other projects currently referencing the same list.

Detecting names and numbers in your images

Once you have added reference lists to your project and processed images, you will notice a text box surrounding any text that the software considers to be a match to any list entries.

In order to add the names of matching people to your name bar (and subsequently have them added to the relevant people formuals) you simply hover over a visible text box with your cursor and click on the appropriate name.

If you are unable to see any interactive text boxes in your images then you may have toggled off the visibility of these at the top of the image viewer:

Otherwise, it is likely that the name or number doesn't feature in your number list, or that it isnt clear enough for the software to detect.

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