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Face Database Management
Face Database Management
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Face Database management is a feature that is available to all Team accounts which allows admins to manage the entire face database of their agency.

The Face Database Management page can be found on the left hand side of the screen when logged in to the account dashboard on our website (here).

This page allows admins to:

  • Add new people records

  • Browse, sort and filter current records

  • Edit a persons name, prefix and postfix

  • Add and remove reference images associated with people records

  • Add people to 'groups'

Adding people records

You can add new people to your database from the dashboard by selecting the 'Add new person' button at the top of the page. You then need to navigate to the search box on the right hand side of the UI and start typing in the name of the person you would like to add:

As you type into the search box, suggestions will be presented to you so that you can see and select the person if they already exist in your database.

If necessary you can then select 'create new' to bring up the 'new person modal':

Much like in the app, the new person modal allows you to specify a name, prefix, postfix and group that you would like assocaited with the person record. You can also upload images of faces directly to the person record from your computer.

Note: when adding reference faces directly to a person record, the software will always assocaite the largest face in the selected image as the reference face, so make sure the images used have the main person as the largest face in the image.

Deleting a person from your database

In order to delete a record from your database you must first select the record in question and then at the bottom right hand corner of their details panel there is a 'delete' button. This will remove them from your database entirely.

Adding people to a group

In order to add someone to a group that already exists, just select the person in question and navigate to the group dropdown within the person record, selecting whichever group you would like that person to belong to. This can also be done from the modal while creating a new person record.

You can create a new group from this dropdown menu as well.

When creating a new group there are two fields to fill out: Name and User Label. The 'name' is what can be automatically included into the caption via the 'include group name' option in the people formula settings. So for instance, you might want this to be the actual name of the team that an athlete belongs to - such as 'Manchester City'. The User Label is a way of adding additional information about the group that will not be used elsewhere, for instance if you have two groups called 'Manchester City' you might have one labelled 'Mens team' and another labelled as the 'Womens team'.

Information about how you can automate the group name within your people formula can be found here.

Sorting and filtering the database

Once you have added people to a group you can filter your entire face database by 'group' by slecting the desired group(s) from the dropdown at the top of the page. (You can edit group information directly from this dropdown as well):

Next to the 'group' filtering button you also have the option to sort your face database by many variables including: person name, 'first seen' (so when the person record was first seen by the software) and by the number or reference faces a record has.

If you would like to search for a specific record in your database, you can do so by typing their name in the search bar at the top of the face database page.

Note: When you have the database filtered by group, searching for a specific person record via the search bar will only search within the selected group(s).

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