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How Donna Displays Available Times Online (2-min read)
How Donna Displays Available Times Online (2-min read)

How Donna consults your practitioners' schedule when displaying availability online.

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💡 If you haven't read Introduction to the Online Booking Widget, it may be helpful to do so before proceeding with this article.

Donna shows available times based on your practitioners' schedules. To view your practices' availability -

  • Navigate to the Schedule page in CareCru

  • On the top right corner click the button with the Title "Practitioner View"

  • This view will combine all appointments assigned to a given practitioner across different operatories

  • Any open slots in this view will show as Open availabilities for patients to book into

NOTE - Donna first takes into account the Start time and End time of the practitioner's day as set up in the practitioner's schedules in your practice management software

When your patient selects "No Preference" when booking an appointment online, Donna will show the combined availability of ALL practitioners assigned to the reason the patient selected.

When your patient selects a specific practitioner,  Donna will only show the available times for that practitioner.

For example... Your patient goes online to book a cleaning. When prompted to select a practitioner, your patient clicks "No Preference". Donna will show your patient the combined availability of Hygienist 1 and Hygienist 2. Had your patient selected Hygienist 1 as their preferred practitioner when booking their cleaning, Donna would have only shown the availability for Hygienist 1.

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