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Donations are processed through one of our donation processing options: Stripe or PayPal.

When you set up your donation processor account, you'll also connect a bank account.

When funds are processed through Stripe, donations will be deposited individually and directly into your Stripe account. Once deposited in Stripe, CauseVox will then deduct the transaction fee on each donation, and Stripe will deduct their fee as well.

Note: If the donor added donation tipping to their donation amount, that full amount is deposited in Stripe, and is therefore included in tax-deductions, if applicable. Should the tipping amount be more than the transaction fee, the leftover amount remains in your Stripe account.

Stripe is set to automatically transfer funds into the bank account you connected on a two day rolling basis. You can login to Stripe to see when your next transfer is scheduled

If you used PayPal, the process is the same, except that donations must be manually requested to be transferred into your bank account. 

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