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Adjust copy and translations
Adjust copy and translations

How to add translations and translate your market copy

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Cevoid allows you to customize all customer-facing texts in whatever language you would like. Cevoid provides default translations for over 30 languages and if no translation is found for your language, you can edit request a translation through the support chat, or add it yourself.

Translations are directly tied to your markets and their languages. For example, if you have set up four markets, you will see four different languages under translation settings that you can change.

To change copy for a language

You can change the translations for:

  • Upload form content

  • Request form content

  • Gallery content

  • Labels

To do so,

  1. Navigate to Settings

  2. Click Translations

  3. From the top right corner, choose the language in which you wish to change the copy

  4. Add your copy changes to in your desired language

  5. Select what part of widgets and solutions you want to edit

  6. Add your copy changes

  7. Click Save changes

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