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Custom CSS for widgets and galleries

How to customize the styling of Cevoid widgets and galleries

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Our widgets and galleries are highly customizable within the platform, but if you find that you still need to give the widgets an extra touch-up, that is possible!

Please note: Improvements and changes that we make to the widgets and galleries may affect your custom styling in future updates.

Identifying classes for styling

All elements in the Cevoid galleries and widgets use unique classes that can be used to enforce your own styling. To find these classes, right-click a gallery on your website and click “Inspect Element”. Next, traverse the website DOM to find the element you are looking for.

If this sounds hard, send these instructions to your developer.

In the image below, you can see an example of classes to which custom CSS can be applied.

Where do I place the CSS?

Custom CSS can be placed anywhere in your css files.

Custom CSS for Shopify blocks

If you are using Shopify blocks to display your Cevoid galleries, you can add your custom CSS to the block’s “Custom CSS” section. This is a great and fast way to add spacing between titles and text or limit the width of the galleries.

If you want to do styling changes that affect all galleries on your website, we recommend that you place this code in your .css files instead, since the block styling is isolated to the block.

Need help with styling?

Reach out to the Cevoid team in the chat and we'll gladly help you with your styling needs!

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