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How to setup and configure your business's Check This Out account
How to setup and configure your business's Check This Out account

This article walks you through how to create a Check This Out account and customize it for your business

Written by Nicholas Wickes
Updated over a week ago

1. On your laptop or desktop computer go to then click Sign Up at the top right corner

2. Enter your personal account information then click Register to register for an account

3. Enter your business information, review the Terms if Use, then click Continue to setup a business account.

4. Next, invite your staff to create staff access accounts. Click on the Settings icon in the left-side tool bar, then Team in the top menu, and Add Team Members.

5. Enter the cellphone number of the team member you want to add and select Server from the dropdown box. Repeat this process for each additional team member.

6. To configure your coupon amounts, coupon expiration date, customer return limit, website address, and reservation address click on Settings then Configurations. Please modify Check This Out's suggested settings to match your business needs. These settings can be changed anytime with previous settings staying with the already issued coupons and credits.

7. Next, add your existing customers to create a baseline of who is a new customer and who is an existing customer for billing purposes. Click Add Contacts in the top menu bar then select either Enter Contacts Manually or Upload Contacts from CSV File. Follow the prompts if you choose to enter contacts manually.

8. If you choose to upload contacts from a CSV file, follow the prompts to select a CSV file from your computer, then click on the Map Columns drop down arrow and select the phone number column in your CSV file. Then click Add Contacts.

9. This next help article will guide you through how to add customers and invite them to refer friends and family.

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