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How Employees Use the GPS Time Clock Mobile App
How Employees Use the GPS Time Clock Mobile App

This video explains how employees use our GPS time clock mobile app to clock in/out and view their schedules, messages, and hours.

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Our mobile app is an easy way for your employees to clock in and out while giving you and them multiple benefits. Let's discuss both sets of benefits, and then you can watch a video that explains how the employee mobile app works.

How the Employee GPS Time Clock Mobile App Benefits You (the Employer)

  1. The app captures a GPS track that reports if employees are located at the job site when they clock in and out.

  2. Smart Tracks™ technology can inform you if employees leave the job site while still on the clock.

  3. In-app messaging allows you to send messages that employees must read before they clock in or out.

  4. Employees can see the schedules you create for them, eliminating your need to text/call/email them every week.

How the Employee Mobile App Benefits the Employee

Some of their benefits overlap yours, but here are ways your employees can use the mobile app:

  1. Clock in from their phones instead of hunting down the job site building phone.

  2. View their schedules.

  3. Track their hours worked.

  4. Send and receive in-app messages from you or their supervisor. Everyone will love it!

Watch the Video on How Employees Use the Mobile App

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