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How Would I Add a Mentor to the Organization?
How Would I Add a Mentor to the Organization?
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To begin, you select the Mentors tab, to create a user profile within this group.

As prompted, check to see whether the user already exists by entering an email address or phone number.

If the user exists, simply add the member by selecting Add Member, as shown below. The member is now part of your Mentor tab!

If the user does not exist, click Create New Member, and continue to the next steps

As prompted, input general information about the new member. First name, last name, and an email address OR mobile phone number is required; you can also add the member's birthday for improved communications and records. Be sure to toggle on Send Invitation to alert the new member of their status via the email and/or phone number provided and have them create their account.

When finished, select Create New Member as shown below.

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