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How Would I Pair a Mentor and a Mentee Together?
How Would I Pair a Mentor and a Mentee Together?
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The mentorship matches tab hosts the matches of mentors and mentees together based on the programs that were created in the Programs tab. Please note that you must create a Program and a Mentorship Survey prior to completing this step.

To begin to pair a match, select Add. Here you will be guided to the add new match page.

Select the program name by clicking on the drop-down menu to see the list of programs you have created within your organization. Then, select a mentor for your chosen program from the drop-down menu or by typing their name.

You will pair a mentee with the mentor you have selected by scrolling through the list or typing in the mentee's name.

Select the start date of the match and the end date (if applicable).

Lastly, you have the option to add a tag that is best associated with the new mentorship match. You can select from the dropdown of Mentorship tags that have been created to pair a match. You can also create a new tag here More information about Mentorship tags can be found here: Mentorship Matches Tags

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